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The Alaska Highway

The Alaska Highway is the main road through my home town of Fort Nelson B.C. I’ve been driving up and down this winding road my whole life, it’s a road full of history, wildlife, and majestic landscapes, and has something for everyone to enjoy. After the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, Americans quickly became all too aware of their vulnerability. The Roosevelt administration feared that the Japanese would strike on American soil again, and homeland security became an immediate priority. So on February 6, 1942 the construction of the Alaska Highway was approved by the United States Army and the project received the authorization from the U.S. Congress and Roosevelt to proceed five days later. Canada agreed to allow construction as long as the United States bore the full cost, and that the road and other facilities in Canada be turned over to Canadian authority after the war ended.The building of the Alaska Highway would not have been possible without over 7,000 pieces of military equipment including 5,000 trucks, 904dozers, 374 graders and 174 shovels.