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Moose Rescue

On May 3rd, 2016 me and my friends were driving up the Alaska Highway, in Northern British Columbia, when we spotted a number of vehicles and a commotion at the side of the road as we were driving through Muncho Lake Provincial Park. So we pulled the vehicle over  expecting to see a motor vehicle accident but instead we saw the head of a moose struggling to stay afloat in the icy water, there were also men cutting a trail in the ice with a chainsaw.Thinking quickly we gathered rope and whatever tools we had in the truck, in hopes that we could help the moose. After talking to the group of bystanders who had begun to chip away at the ice around the moose, we discovered that the animal had already been struggling for a long time in the water. My friend Matthew came up with the idea to tie a rope around his own waist, then venture out onto the thin ice to lasso the moose and drag the animal up to shore. It took about three tries to get the lasso around the moose,“and the wood plank wasn’t very sturdy, we could see the ice move with every step that Mat took.”With Matthew’s help, the moose was nearly emerged from the water but then slipped back into the lake. Realizing a bit of extra strength, was needed we got more volunteers. So with the help of truck drivers and other passersby, we were able to finally pull the exhausted moose to safety.“The moose didn’t seem scared of us at all after we cut the rope off, and she just trotted off into the mountains. Before she disappeared out of sight she stopped and looked back at us – it was almost as though the moose was saying ‘thanks.